How having different dance forms in a competition helps you grow as a performer?

Dance form is a  medium to express and convey. Just like we use different languages to communicate and convey. When you’re happy, you can end up doing a tarana or tillana or bhangra and even freestyle. It’s all about expressing what YOU feel!


            We learn lot of new things as we watch and observe. Attending and seeing different performances, even those which are not your style can help you grasp various new movements and musicality. It increases your knowledge and versatility as a performer. Who knows, you might start learning a new dance style. 

We at Dance Extravaganza 2k19 aim to give an opportunity to all those who have a passion for dance and the confidence to showcase it on the stage. Our motive is to encourage and enhance artists of all dance forms!

            We wish to allow everyone to display their talent and not be restricted by a particular dance form. 

             The criteria for judgement consists of various factors such as Expressions, Stage Coverage, Costume, Music, etc.  These factors are present in any dance you pick.

Remember, don’t have any limitations, just dance your way to glory!


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